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Founded in 1943,  Hughes & Company

is one of the oldest and most prestigious legal

entities in St Vincent & the Grenadines. 


With a broad spectrum of experience across an array of legal disciplines, we provide unparalleled service to our extensive client base both locally and internationally .





Our first focus in our firm philosophy is on integrity and trust. H&C believes in handling every client matter with the utmost integrity, and believes our clients should have the highest expectations of conduct, ethics, and diligence from our attorneys. A solid attorney-client relationship can’t exist in the absence of trust; therefore, we strive every day to foster trust that leads to a productive and mutually beneficial attorney-client relationship.


While we work daily to build trust with our clients, we also strive to maintain our good reputation and trust with opposing counsel and the tribunals before which we appear. We believe that by promoting professionalism and civility in all aspects of our legal representation, mutual respect and trust allow us to advocate effectively for our client.


Our firm philosophy is also based on clear communication and prompt service. We provide sound solutions to our clients’ legal problems in an efficient manner. We have a dedicated team of professionals that understands your needs. Your needs come first in our client focused culture.


We are guided by the commitment to represent our clients zealously in the most cost effective manner, without sacrificing quality. To that end, we strive to be proactive, not reactive. In order to fulfill our philosophy, we are committed to make an early determination of the merits of each case in order to decide how a matter should be resolved. We realize that not every case should be settled, nor should every case be tried. By focusing on the commitment to provide sound advice and counsel on specific needs, we can offer solutions that make business sense.


Lincolns Inn.jpg

Lincoln's Inn  -  London

From the founder to the present day partners, most of our associates passed through these hallowed halls .


Top: Lincoln's Inn - The Library is a modern working legal reference library for use by any member of Lincoln’s Inn and by the Bar as a whole.

Left: Matthew Ferrari Called to the Bar of England & Wales,  2016

Bottom: Ambassador Hughes Ferrari at the United Nations, New York City 2001, presenting credentials to UN Secretary General Kofi Annan.


Top: Ambassador Hughes Ferrari at the United Nations, 2002, meeting with the New York City Major, Michael Bloomberg


Margaret Hughes Ferrari meeting with President George W Bush & First Lady Laura Bush, 2003


  Founder E A C Hughes, 1968


Intellectual Property

Top: Margaret Hughes Ferrari, Valedictorian  -  Graduating Class of 1990


Speaker of the House E A C Hughes, Royal visit St Vincent 1959.

Matthew E A Ferrari, 2016

Certificate of Standing, E A C Hughes, Lincoln's Inn, 1940



Hughes & Company

77 Egmont Street
Kingstown, VC 0100

St Vincent & The Grenadines

Mailing Address

Hughes & Company

PO Box 32

St Vincent & The Grenadines





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